28 September 2016: AAL Forum 2016 workshop “Key avenues and challenges in support of elderly occupation

The Workshop 14 was coordinated by the SpONSOR consortium team and gathered mostly projects and lessons linked to AAL Call 6. It proposed to guest presenters wishing to contribute to the overall topic, within the planned 90 minutes session:

Encouraging, supporting and maintaining dynamic lines of occupational conditions, for the senior population, in particular anything close to working options, require creative settings, involving all stakeholders, as well as sustainable means (tools, methods, services, expertise, institutional framework, etc.). The session has the aim of showing some solutions (combining both the ICT level and the organisational schemes, including business plans) and discuss them within a pitfall-avoidance and best-practise promotion perspective.

The expected outcome: revealing original ways of addressing the issue of encouraging, supporting and maintaining senior occupation, with cross-lessons due to the diversity of projects, with equal attention paid to problems and solutions.