1-2 October 2015: Consortium Meeting in Luxembourg

This Consortium meeting was hosted in the City of Luxembourg. It started with a survey on administrative issues, which included in particular a new status of the PCA with a discussion on the project extension request and an update of the DoW. Considering the new partner VBot entering the consortium, the new share of efforts among partners and the involvement of VBot were discussed. The meeting was then dealing with WP2, by handling first the validation of deliverables (knowledge base inventory on user requirements, description of finalised and field work consistent end-user scenarios, report on legal guidance and report on ethical guidance). A technical discussion took then place, which led to an agreement on the SpONSOR architecture, whereas the status of the corresponding deliverables was also set up, complemented by a discussion on Data management and on the progress of the presentation layer. Moreover, the pilot content was discussed, and the schedules to apply to the local pilots to be implemented in each country were fixed. The Consortium meeting was then concluded with WP5, with an analysis of the progress made with the business model and with the dissemination activities.