28 September 2016: AAL Forum 2016 workshop “Key avenues and challenges in support of elderly occupation

The Workshop 14 was coordinated by the SpONSOR consortium team and gathered mostly projects and lessons linked to AAL Call 6. It proposed to guest presenters wishing to contribute to the overall topic, within the planned 90 minutes session: Encouraging, supporting and maintaining dynamic lines of occupational conditions, for the senior population, in particular anything […]

22-23 June 2015: Consortium Meeting in Firenze

This Consortium meeting started with drawing the status of administrative issues (status of the PCA with involvement of VBot, and planning of MTR). A session on WP2 followed, with the review of the tasks and deliverables to be handled (user requirements knowledge base inventory, description of finalised and field work consistent end-user scenarios, report on […]

5-6 March 2015: Consortium Meeting in Roma, Italy

During this Consortium meeting, the first point dealt with concerned sketching the overview upon the administrative issues (status of PCA, validation of D1.1 – Project Quality Plan and validation of AAL annual report). A workshop was then undertaken for WP2 (status of the tasks and deliverables), followed by a workshop for WP3 (discussion on functional […]